Get Your Fight On

Why you should never be ashamed to admit you are struggling

Photo by  Tom Pumford  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Admittance of a struggle isn’t admission of deficiency or surrender to the opposing force; it’s simply acknowledging that you are being opposed.

Acknowledging the opposition isn’t an admittance of defeat; it’s a declaration that you are fully aware the fight is on!

Victory is determined only by whoever is standing after the fight is over. And even if you’re not the one standing, it doesn’t mean you will never stand again.

Don’t be afraid of the fight. Don’t be ashamed to admit you are struggling; that you are in a battle. It’s the battle that toughens you for even greater victories ahead.

Someone who says they are not struggling with something is most likely burying their head in the sand. Avoiding your opposition doesn’t make it go away; defeating it does!!

Face your demons head on. Acknowledge your opposition for what it is; simply another battle that you WILL win in the end!

Whatever is opposing you hasn’t won unless you give up.

Suit up and show up.

It’s time to get your fight on!

Jeff Crume

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