Give the Gift of Love

Millions in the world today need to be reminded that they are loved. That they are not forgotten. That someone does care. Over the years, Lambs of Love have made their way into foster homes, hospitals, hospice care facilities, and to orphans in Uganda. Each Lamb is named, love on, and prayed over (many by children themselves) then distributed to those in need. Every Lamb is delivered believing that the miracle-working power of love will bring great miracles in the lives of those receiving them. Click the Sponsor button to begin.


Destiny Moments

On the following pages are scribed some of my greatest Destiny Moments—life-altering moments that I’ve encountered over the past thirty years of pursuing my destiny.

These moments have come, as yours will, at a great price of heartache and pain, joy and sorrow, and fear and faith. Destiny Moments will help lead you to a deeper understanding and absolute certainty of who you are, of whose you are, and what you are on this earth to do.

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About Jeff

For more than two decades, Jeff has been inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to hold on to their dreams, discover their true potential, and live life with purpose and passion.

Jeff’s timeless messages of hope, faith and destiny have been heard by millions from around the world. His infectious zest for life, charismatic personality and compassion for humanity has made Jeff one of today’s most influential and memorable speakers.

Jeff credits much of his success to his early association with his mentor, Jim Rohn, and his years spent comforting the dying and grieving as a Hospice Chaplain.

Jeff and his wife, Jodi, of twenty-two years, have four beautiful children and reside in Southern California.

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All That & A Bag of Chips

Ladies...where does your true beauty lie? If you are stripped of everything you have, do you still know who you are? This two minutes and thirty seconds of pure inspiration from Jeff will help you get in touch with your inner beauty so you can live BOLD & BODACIOUS!

Love Yourself

Have you ever struggled to love yourself? Have you ever felt like no one believes in you? This video is for you. If this video resonates with you, would you take a minute to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and then like, comment, and share this video with someone else. Thank you.

What Others Are saying


"I'm always inspired by great influencers like you, Jeff, Jim Rohn and our others fabulous authors. You do untold good for the world!!"- 

Vic Conant, CEO, Nightingale-Conant


"Jeff is a true testament for the possible." I highly recommend that you allow Jeff to inspire you."

- Karl Newman, CEO, eINOV8, Inc.