I Will Wield My Sword Again

01.2017 — Journal Entry

In one arm I congratulate the victor. In the other, I comfort the mourner. The winner and loser in my arms at same time.

What do you say to the victor? Congratulations!

And to the mourner? Peace be with you, your time is not through.

Through the pain you will be born again — life will take on new form. To the winner, get ready, your next race is about to begin.

There is no difference between the two — the victor or the mourner; they are both in the same race just at a different place.

Victory, mourning, winning, defeat are all a part of the journey. Well done thou good and faithful servant is what we really live for.

I’m neither winner or loser. I am simply on the journey. What is will be. Whatever will be I’ve been equipped to handle it.

Even when it appears I’m crumbling, don’t be fooled, I am strong. I will rise again. I will finish what I started.

This does not define me. This is refining me. This is sharpening me like iron. I will wield my sword again!

This too shall pass. And when It does, victory is mine!

Victory is mine!! Victory is mine!!!

Dedicated to Nevaeh — 3rd grade girl whose Mom is dying of cancer

Jeff Crume

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