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  • Grace Church 855 East Barham Drive San Marcos, CA, 92078 United States (map)

What do you do when life slams you to the ground, steps up in the middle of your chest, forces every last breath of hope you have from you, and demands you give up pursuing your pipe dreams of destiny and just settle for mediocrity? 

You RISE, square your shoulders, you stare defeat and failure in the face, until it flinches, and you DO IT AGAIN!

RISE, an epic FREE event, is a CLARION CALL for every single person who has ever attempted, failed miserably, or fallen short of their destiny, but knows, with everything they have in them, they were created to SUCCEED! 

RISE is for the hurting, the broken, the weary, the tired, the distraught, the exhausted…yet DETERMINED! 

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...believe again, trust again, try again, and expect again.
…conquer cycles of fear and unbelief.
…manage silence and loneliness.
...break cycles & patterns of negative emotions
…discern the voice of faith & fear while in midst of the fire.
…break past strongholds so you can move into your future.
…believe in yourself again after you’ve hated yourself.
…overcome the fear of failing again.
…protect those you love while you hate your life.
…put your life back together after failure has torn it apart.
…feel again when you’ve learned to live with being numb.
…regroup, reorganize & reprioritize your life after failure or loss.
…do it again, even while you are still afraid.