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Jeff’s timeless messages of hopefaith and destiny have been heard by millions from around the world. His infectious zest for life, charismatic personality and compassion for humanity has made Jeff one of today’s most influential and memorable speakers.

Ladies...where does your true beauty lie? If you are stripped of everything you have, do you still know who you are? This two minutes and thirty seconds of pure inspiration from Jeff will help you get in touch with your inner beauty so you can live BOLD & BODACIOUS!

This is the #1 thief of success. Let me help you navigate your way through it, and once in for all conquer what's been keeping you from achieving the life of your dreams!

Jeff shares how to deliver compassion-centered care in a regulatory world at the Arizona Hospice & Palliative Care fall conference. Learn how to recalibrate your perspective and reignite your passion to fulfill your ultimate purpose while delivering exceptional, compassion-center, compliant patient care.

In this 1-minute motivational message, Jeff share the keys to finding your inner coach.

What do 300 middle-school students need to hear? You may be shocked at Jeff shared during a recent assembly at this Middle School in Temecula, CA.

Frustration can ruin even your best effort, unless you learn how to reframe it and make frustration work for you. In this short, powerful motivational message, Jeff shares first-hand experience on how he reframed his own frustration that resulted in an spectacular turn of events.

"I've always been a student of life. Along my journey, I've learned you MUST have these three things in order to succeed."

Life comes with baggage. We allow it to weigh us down or find ways to shake it off. Jeff shares an up-close and personal video during and after his first-ever spin class. This message will change the way you look at yourself forever.

Motivational speaker and life coach, Jeff Crume, reveals the formula for disaster and other powerful success tools to help you live the life you were designed to live.

Personal growth expert and peak performance speaker & trainer Jeff Crume, shares another powerful tool to help you become all you were created to be. You are not your mind and your mind is not you.