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21 Days to 2018

Welcome to 2018! A brand new year full of new opportunities and possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

What will make this year the best year of your life? Can a brand new year really make that much difference? Is the magic in the new year or in you? Closer examination reveals this year offers us about the same as last year did; seasons, time, and opportunity mixed with difficulty.

You can't change the seasons and you can’t change time, but you can change you. In 21 Days to 2018 discover 21 keys that will help you make this year the best year of your life!

Welcome to 2018!

A brand new year full of new opportunities and possibilities just waiting to be discovered. What will make 2018 the best year of your life?

Day 2 - Epic Failure

Only 8% of people who set new year's resolutions actually accomplish them. Do you know why? They are afraid to fail. Failure is seen as our enemy, yet a closer look reveals that failure, epic failure, is our greatest ally.

Day 4 - Delayed But Not Denied

We reach a point in pursuit of our own greatness where we hit a wall. We can't go over it. We can't go around it. We can't go through it. Nothing we try works. We are stuck! These are the times life is trying to tell us something.

Day 6 - Let It Go

Have you ever caught yourself stewing over something someone did you you six months ago? How about a year ago? How about ten years ago? Don't sing the "who did me wrong song." If you're gonna grow you gotta let it go! 

Day 8 - Be Thankful

If you are truly honest with yourself, even on your best days, you know deep down inside that you have nothing to do with what happens through you. You find a quiet place, lower your head just a bit, and simply whisper, "Thank You."

Day 10 - You Have 5 Seconds

Have you ever gotten the idea to go the gym, or to start losing weight, or to start saving money for that vacation of a life time? What happened? Gone right? Most great ideas never get finished. Why? The five-second rule. 

Day 12 - Take Ownership

I used to carry around a list of all the reasons why I wasn't doing well in my life. I showed my list to my mentor, Jim Rohn, one day, and I will never forget what he said to me. "There's one problem with your list, Jeff. You're not on it!"

Day 14 - What You Think You Know Is Not True

Just because you believe it doesn't make it true; It simply makes it true for you. What if what you've been believing about yourself all these years is not true? If you don't watch another day of 21 Days to 2018, PLEASE watch this!

Day 16 - What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting can be strategic, but I've found it's mostly avoidance. Many of us engage in meaningless tasks, trying to convince ourselves that we're busy. But there's a difference between being busy and effective.

Day 18 - The Graveyard Is Not Your Finish Line (A must see)

Life is not the line we wait in just to die when we get to the end of it. Come out from among the dead. Dead-end jobs, dead-end relationships, dead-end ruts and routines. Get your hope back on. Put possibility back in your pocket. 

Day 20 - Persist Until You Succeed

Let's face it. Success is hard. If it wasn't more people would be successful. But most people quit. Most people give up. There's only one way, friend, to guarantee your success - you must persist until you succeed.

Day 1 - "It's In You."

Another year is here. But what is going to make this year any different than last? YOU ARE! You are the magic that makes this new year your best year ever!

Day 3 - Adversity Is A Gift

When adversity strikes, rarely are we prepared. A divorce. The sudden death of a loved one. A failed marriage or business. It can be hurt so bad that sometimes we feel like giving up. But closer examination reveals that adversity is truly a gift.

Day 5 - Born To Thrive

If this was the last day you were alive, friend, would you want to go do what you are about to do right now? Most people drudge their way through life just trying to survive. That doesn't have to be your story. You were born to thrive!

Day 7 - Identify Your Liar

The biggest enemy of your destiny, friend, is not outside of you. The biggest enemy of your destiny is inside. As shocking as it may be, we have attracted everything we have in our life. 

Day 9 - He Ain't Coming

Today I throw you a lifeline, friend. A lifeline that will save your destiny, snatch your fate from the jaws of fear, and set you on a blazing course to your best day, best year, best life, EVER!

Da7 11 - Let The Foolish Stay

Have you ever done something REALLY foolish that you wished you could get back? In TV production we call them "bloopers." Closer examination of the foolish things in our lives (bloopers) reveal they actually work out to our advantage.

Day 13 - Unleash Your Superpower

Success isn't a mood; it's a decision. If you're waiting for someone to come and turn you on, what if they don't show up? Day 13 of 21 Days to 2018 learn the secret to unleashing your superpower: You are always angry.

Day 15 - Make Life About You

If you don't make life about you, no one else will either. Life can get so bogged down with worring about other people and things, that we forget about ourselves. To reach our full potential we have to learn to make like about us!

Day 17 - Do It Yourself

So much of our lives are spent with other people. The challenge is that we can become dependent on others to be ourselves. There is a part of your destiny that no one can help you fulfill but you. 

Day 19 - Don't Shrink Back

If you haven't already, you will. Will what? Quit! At something. 92% of people who make New Year's resolutions never complete them. Why? Because quitting is easy. If you conquer what you keep quitting you will finally finish what you started. 

Day 21 - Visit Yourself Often

See yourself driving what you want to drive, wearing what you want to wear, living the life of your dreams, and then come back to the present, roll up your sleeves and go to work as if your life depended on it. Why? Because it does!